LGBT Poker in Toronto

LGBT community members throughout Toronto are always looking for social interactions, and one of the great ways for people to come together is by taking part in the many gay poker leagues, tournaments and events that are hosted in the city. With LGBT poker in Toronto, players will play for real money and will be amongst their peers, playing in some of the top rated bars and clubs in the city. Poker is one of the most popular card games played around the world and with some great LGBT leagues up and running, players can safely engage in poker action with players from their local LGBT communities.

Getting Started with LGBT Poker Events

The best way to get started with LGBT poker Toronto leagues is to visit popular gay bars and clubs that often host community events. Many poker players will already know of events that may be offered weekly or monthly. While there are not any known poker leagues up and running in the Toronto area, there are many venues that host Poker night each week, where players can enjoy a great game f poker and win some amazing rewards. Some of these are private events for club members while others are open to the public. For a small entry fee, players can get involved in the action of poker and can take on some of the best players in the area for the chance to win large payouts. There are even tournaments that are hosted on a regular basis. The Mimico Pub and Grill in Toronto offers Poker every Thursday. Out and Out, a nonprofit group for LGBT members in Toronto also offers many poker events throughout the year, many of which are fundraiser events for local organizations and communities.

Types of Poker Games to Enjoy

There are many variations of poker that can be enjoyed at clubs and bars I Toronto and when players are seeking tournament action, they will often be playing a game of Texas Hold Em. This has become one of the most played versions of the game and is often played in tournament style. It has become popular due to the World Series of Poker and is a friendly form of the game that is enjoyed by many LGBT poker players in Toronto.

Some other versions of the game that will be found in smaller bars can include Omaha, Stud and Draw poker. Each venue will have a different game that is being played, and some of the larger events will offer multiple variations that can be enjoyed, offering a game variety for everyone that attends. Omaha and Texas Hold Em will be the games of choice for larger events especially fundraisers. Players who like to play in small or private groups tend to play draw or stud poker games since they are more traditional.