List of LGBT Friendly Online Sites to Visit

Pride Hamilton

Different travel blog and reviews today are headlining top tourist spots and destinations for the growing LGBT community around the world. These include some of the most recommended cities which are LGBT friendly, as well as some of their personal picks from the wide array of top destination nowadays. They also feature tips and guides on how to reach these suggested tourist places and enjoy some of their culture and activities without boring a hole in their pockets.

But aside from visiting Canada and enjoy Toronto and Niagara Falls trips, there are numerous land-based gaming establishments and prominent hotels on pridehamilton which welcome the LGBT community right into their front doors. They don't need to take long trips and get tired, as they can now book their rooms online and enjoy the perks of their luxurious staycation. Here are some of these premium hotels and casinos which the LGBT community can visit anytime:

Vegas-based Hotels and Casinos

Encore Las Vegas, also known as Encore Casino Las Vegas or simply Encore, is a luxurious all-in-one hotel, resort, and casino located along the Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. This is also the strip where some of the best gay clubs in Las Vegas is found, as well as some of the prominent gaming centres in the city.

Encore is also the sister hotel of Wynn Las Vegas. Wynn hotel regularly hosts major LGBT events in its prime nightclub called the Blush Boutique Nightclub. They also cater to same-sex marriages in their hotel which truly entice LGBT couples who don't want to forget what happened in Vegas.

On the other hand, Encore Casino Las Vegas also boasts its own Encore Beach Club and XS Nightclub which host regular events and gatherings of some top celebrities in the industry today like David Guetta, Conor McGregor, and even the Chainsmokers.

They also have their theatre called the Encore Theater which has already housed Beyonce during her concert tour in 2009. This sold-out concert was attended by the various audience in different social groups and classes - which include the LGBT community.

There are other Vegas hotels found along this famous gay bars Vegas strip which are also LGBT friendly. These include Luxor Hotel, Planet Hollywood, and Paris Las Vegas. All these mentioned hotels host regular LGBT events and activities for their guests, as well as exclusive nightclubs and bars for them.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

One of the most prominent gaming establishments in Las Vegas is the Mandalay Bay. This multi-level hotel resort was built and developed in 1998 by the renowned MGM Resorts International group. Aside from offering 3,300 accommodation rooms, it also features 135,000 square feet of land-based gaming area to its guests and visitors. Along with these, they also have their own Mandalay Convention Center which is a popular venue for huge sporting events of the UFC.

But what stands out above these hotel features is the efforts made by Mandalay Bay to welcome its LGBT gamers and visitors. Some publishing firms even dubbed them as "Mandalay Gay" because of its overwhelming support to the queer community. They can now enjoy some of the popular slot selections and table games offered in some online casino site which are now playable in their actual gaming areas.

MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Another popular hotel established by MGM Resorts International is the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. MGM Grand is considered the largest gaming centre in Vegas which can host numerous land gamers in its 171,000 square foot gaming area. Just like its sister hotel, the Mandalay Bay, it welcomes the LGBT community to actively participate in its offered games. It also houses some of the biggest boxing matches worldwide with popular boxing stars.

Aside from its gaming floors, MGM also boasts its large hotel complex which provides its visitors with an in-house river and waterfalls, five outdoor pools, a convention centre, and the huge MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Vegas visitors can also drop by The Venetian which is along the Vegas strip of restaurants, shops, hotels, and gaming centres.

UK-based Gaming Centers

Players who tend to travel farther may consider placing their wagers in Coloseum Club Casino (UK). Located in London, this gaming hub is in one of the best LGBT cities in the world. It currently hosts some of the popular table and card games like blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as exclusive gaming rooms for its high roller gamers. For all those who prefer playing any casino games online, and blackjack is their favorite one, would be the perfect place to visit, so they can play the game straight from the comfort of their home.

Another prominent gaming centre in the UK is the Empire Ballroom which houses exciting reel machines and table games for its players. It is also a popular venue of the European World Series Poker finals which earned its reputation as one of the most sought gaming hubs in London.

The only downside of both these gaming centres is that they don't offer any room accommodations for its players.