Welcome to Drag Bingo

Drag bingo has been a popular thing for a number of years, and many local communities offer Drag Bingo games and events. The phenomenon started back in the 1990s in Seattle when an organization supporting AIDS used the idea to raise funds. It was enjoyed with great success and is now one of the main events in LGBT bingo communities all over the world. Bingo players can enjoy humour and excitement as they play their favourite game and they will surely create some amazing memories when they attend any drag bingo game.

Drag Bingo in Canada

Throughout Canada, there are many LGBT bingo events that focus on Drag Bingo games. There are also hundreds of events that cater to the LGBT crown, including events at Sapphic Aquaticam offering women and trans individuals a great night fill of Yoga and Poker games. There are also vendors and drag bingo games offered. The Lamplighter Public House also offers drag bingo nights in Vancouver and in Ontario, there are many venues that host fundraiser bingo games, such as Drag Queen Bingo at Delta Bingo and Gaming.

Drag Bingo Fund Raisers

The LGBT community is always trying to raise funds for education and support, which is why drag bingo has become a popular choice to offer. These events are loaded with laughs, and those who attend can be sure to be the target of some pokes and jokes. The games are played like traditional bingo games, but patrons will play for unique prizes, many of which include sex toys. Multiple organizations throughout the US and Canada that support gay rights and awareness will host bingo fundraisers, offering the chance for the LGBT community to come together and enjoy a night of memories and endless laughter. For a small entry fee, individuals over the age of 18 can engage in exciting bingo games while helping to support great causes that will benefit the local LGTB communities.

Weekly LGBT Bingo Events

Some of the hottest LGBT clubs and bars in Canada, especially in the Ontario region, will host weekly bongo events featuring local drag queen stars. These events are great meet-ups and provide a perfect social interaction for members of the community Not only will they be engaged in a game they love, but hey will often be helping a good cause and will have one of the most memorable nights out. Drag bingo has become a popular pastime for many and for those that like the nightlife in Canada, these events are a huge hit. Offered we weekly and monthly events, some of the hottest bingo games can be enjoyed at top-rated clubs and pubs throughout Canada, all catering to the LGBT crowd and offering a way to interact with other community members on a social level. Watch for the latest Drag Bingo events in Toronto, Hamilton, Vancouver, BC and other areas throughout the country.